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Picture tooked by the owner in 1993


since 1993 we offer affordable solutions to the people, .

Through our decade long experience in the iPhone and smartphone repair industry, we have received tons of different inquiries and concerns related to iPhone, iPad and Samsung repairs.

We have compiled all of these concerns in our database and made them accessible for all of our customers.

Let our knowledge base provide you with insights related to our products and services, warranty coverage, technicians, billing, and other concerns.

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As of now, we’re only catering to doing iPhone and Samsung repair services within the US. However, we’re positive in expanding our services in the future.

Our most popular repair service is our On-demand service. our experts Phone technicians are certified affiliates who do iPhone and Samsung repairs on mobile (on-the-go) in their local communities.

You may request an On-Demand repair service from smartphone repair by visiting our homepage and login your location information. The system will let you know if we have a technician in your area and you can request a dispatch be sent out.

A technician should be immediately be in contact with you once you’ve requested a dispatch. If in any case this doesn’t happen within 24 hours, you are free to contact us through our hotline 281-888-4064..

Please read through the warranty to make sure your device doesn’t land outside the scope of our warranty. Situations that are not covered include: screen crack, any type of repair done on devices with frame damage, which were opened by a non Dr. Cell Phone technician, or had acquired water damage evident by the water indicator stickers located within the phone.


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